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Ogilvy Promotes VW EOS Through Bird Dropings

Question: what would you do if you wanted to promote a beautiful convertible from a well-known German brand with a history of building reliable cars?

You could play the reliability card, or you could choose to tread the aesthetic path.

If none of that seemed appealing enough to you, you could always play the lifestyle trump: a beautiful convertible always allows for that.

Either way, it would seem that you already had everything cut out for you. It wouldn’t seem like much of a challenge, would it?

Well, not for the guys at Fogel Ogilvy, the Israeli branch of Ogilvy. Where most people would see an easy task, they saw a true challenge to their inventive capabilities.

Stretching their minds to the full extent of their creative powers, they managed to come up with just about the worst message you could convey to promote a convertible.

If you were asked to name the negative points of driving a convertible, you’d probably immediately think of one: the capriciousness of the weather.

There you are, driving along, when all of a sudden rain begins pouring down, threatening to drown you on your way to the weekend’s escapade.

Of course you can always raise the top, but that would kind of ruin the fun, wouldn’t you say?

So, when promoting a convertible, it’d be fair to say that you’d better steer clear from mentioning the rain that could soak your companion’s Channel écharpe. I think we can all agree on that.

But what if there was something worse than rain and thunder? Come on, think hard.

Got it yet? Yes, that’s right. The memoir of that afternoon when you were sitting at that pleasant esplanade is coming back to you.

There you were, relaxing, enjoying the pleasant summer afternoon by the seaside, when all of a sudden you notice your Channel clad companion staring at you with a mocking look in her eyes. When you ask her what’s the matter, she points at the seagulls hovering over you, struggling to contain an inappropriate laughter.

As she can no longer contain herself, you look at your shoulder at notice the fresh piece of seagull’s dropping gently resting there. Maybe that wasn’t enough to ruin your jacket, but it sure was enough to ruin the rest of the afternoon.

So, there you go. What’s worse than rain? Birds droppings, that’s what’s worse.

So, if you’d steer clear from bad weather when promoting a convertible, you’d then think that you’d want even more distance from bird droppings. Makes some kind of sense, doesn’t it?

Well, no! At least not for the guys at Folgen Ogilvy it doesn’t.

Being the extra-imaginative guys that they are, they thought that, If you just found the worst inconvenience related to your product, you won’t want to sweep it under the carpet and pretend it never even came to mind.

Hell, no! You’d much rather embrace it and build your campaign around it. Hence this surreal ad.

Of course this apparent insanity as a reason. The new VW EOS comes equipped with a hardtop sunroof, which lets you take a close look at all those raindrops that would otherwise be falling on your head.

Naturally, having the top on, even with the sunroof, will kill the main selling point of a convertible, that is, enabling you to feel the wind in your hair while you drive. But hey, at least it keeps the pooh away.

Even so, you could understand the point if it wasn’t for a tiny detail. And that is that nothing in the ad points out to this feature. So the talk about bird droppings and cow dung just seem like the ravings from a lunatic.

And besides, come on: do you honestly think that getting consumers to think about shit when they look at the car is really the best way to promote it and build the brand?


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