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Carbon Price Will Fall

The EU approved an action plan on climate change that sets ambitious goals for the bloc. The EU now vows to cut CO2 emissions and energy consumption by 20% and achieve a renewable energies ratio of 20%, all by 2020. However, concessions made to secure approval of the deal, especially to Germany and Eastern European countries, put the stated objectives at risk.

Climate change trends are mixed in the Near Future. The way is open for concerted EU and American leadership on next year’s climate change conference in Copenhagen, but overly generous emissions caps for industries in the EU’s plan threaten to derail the fledgeling carbon market.


US Will Commit To Emissions Cuts

Trends on Climate Change seem to be improving. The US is set to join the global effort to cut carbon emissions, with Sen. Kerry saying that the US will be willing to lead if other countries commit to emission cuts. The auto industry troubles open a window of opportunity for the government to push for the adoption of a green business model in exchange for aid.

The Obama administration will commit to concrete emission cuts in the Near Future, taking advantage of the crisis to promote a medium and long-term transition to a green economy.

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | ‘Climate crisis’ needs brain gain

The most brilliant minds should be directed to solving Earth’s greatest challenges, such as climate change, says Sir David King.

“It’s all very well to demonstrate that we can land a craft on Mars, it’s all very well to discover whether or not there is a Higgs boson (a potential mass mechanism); but I would just suggest that we need to pull people towards perhaps the bigger challenges where the outcome for our civilisation is really crucial.”

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | ‘Climate crisis’ needs brain gain.

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