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MTV Promotes The Real World

Tapping into one trend at a time didn’t seem like enough for MTV, so, besides touching the “greenwash aware” trend, it decided to also press the “back to real” button to promote its Switch initiative.

Like the urbanites that never saw a cow on non-steak mode at some point develop an urge to go “back to earth”, the hyper-connected icitizens are beginning to show signs of saturation with their always online world.

We spend our days reading feeds, writing on our blogs, updating our Facebook profiles. We can connect to a million people instantly. All knowledge is at the point of our fingertips. Always. At some point it gets boring.

Our asses begin to square on the chairs we’re always sitting on, and we feel the urge to get out and disconnect. Away from the computer, away from all the emails and the zillion feeds, perpetually updating. Back to the good old “real world”, where buying a pair of shoes can take an hour, instead of three clicks.

Of course this “real world” often proves disappointing. It’s all very good when you get out of the office to fly first class to the Bahamas, but when you’re stuck one hour in traffic just to go downtown, those clicks start looking mighty appealing again.

That’s why the ads point to a world of possibility, not a world of run-of-the-mill reality. I mean, it’s possible that you step out the door to find Amazons wallowing in the mud, or a bare-chested rider waiting to carry you away. But hey, it’s not like you’re holding your breath for it, right?

But it’s the possibility that makes it all worthy. Who cares if 90% of the time we’re stuck in traffic? We always have those turquoise waters to aim for.

Of course this ceases to be the case if there aren’t any Bahamas left to go to anymore. And then how will we disconnect, if Life 1.0 only has bleakness to offer? Would you relinquish Amazon for a stroll in an Albanian supermarket? Guess not.

So, if you want to preserve that old 1.0 allure, you better start doing some real action over the environment. Because there won’t be any hot babes waiting for you in a cooking world – and then you’re going to get stuck with Second Life and Gears of War forever.


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