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Ireland Will Approve The Lisbon Treaty

Ireland will hold a second referendum on the Lisbon Treaty by the end of October 2009. The EU leaders gave further guarantees regarding the three main areas of concern for Irish voters: abortion, fiscal policy and neutrality. Moreover, Ireland will retain its commissioner, with the EU dropping plans to trim down the size of the Commission.

This concessions, combined with the grim economic outlook facing Ireland, are bound to push Irish voters into a significant shift towards a “Yes” vote, ending the institutional deadlock that has paralyzed the EU.


Function Improvement: CDs As Pizza Cutters

Now that people are beginning to regard CDs with the same nostalgic look once reserved to vinyl, it’s time to start giving some serious thought about what to do with those dusting piles sitting in your living room.

They’re invaluable, you say? Not to be touched ever, you say? Come on… What was the last time you actually picked up a CD to play it? Can’t remember, ahn? Well, I guess you were just too busy downloading your music from Itunes (I’ll be nice and assume that you download it from a paid site) to think about your once invaluable collection.

So, let’s drop the nostalgia and be practical. Now that you clearly moved to a post-material stage, listening to MP3 and LastFM all the time, what will you do with those material relics of yore?

Here is a set of solutions, courtesy of Brazilian agency DPZ: use them as pizza cutters, use them as poker chips, or use them as guitar picks. You see, using them as decoration is only the conventional solution. You shouldn’t stifle your creativity like that.

The fact that the campaign is in fact referring to the files CDs swapped back and forth between agencies, clients and printers during graphics jobs shouldn’t deter us from taking advantage of this marvelous suggestions. I’m all for rationality. Just don’t touch my special editions.

Newspapers’ Circulation Declines Faster in Past Six Months – Advertising Age – MediaWorks

NEW YORK ( — The decline in newspapers’ paid circulation is accelerating, according to new statistics today from the Audit Bureau of Circulations.

Papers’ average weekday paid circulation fell to 38.2 million copies across the six months ending Sept. 30, down 4.64% from the equivalent period a year earlier. That’s a faster fall than was seen this time last year, when the audit bureau reported just a 2.6% decline.

No rest on Sundays
Sunday paid circulation fell 4.85% in today’s report, a faster rate of decline than the 3.5% drop seen this time last year.

via Newspapers’ Circulation Declines Faster in Past Six Months – Advertising Age – MediaWorks

“Wassup” Obama Ad

This unofficial Obama ad, released by 60 Frames, builds on the famous “Wassup” Budweiser campaign from 2000 that got DDB a Cannes Grand Prix and a Grand Clio.

Eight years later, instead of relaxing “seeing the game, having a bud”, the friends are now stressing over War in Iraq, economic and environmental catastrophes, unemployment, home foreclosure and rising healthcare bills.

The once good-humored cry of “wassup” now assumes a distinctly desperate tone, with one of the characters even trying to kill himself has he watches the stock market crash on his computer screen (but he ends up also crashing, in a reminder of the suicide scene of Emir Kusturica’s Arizona Dream)

The sequence acts as a powerful indictment of the disastrous Bush years, to which McCain is almost subliminally linked (if you pay attention, you can distinctly hear McCain’s “evil wizard” voice coming from the TV set at the beginning of the ad).

Taking on the upbeat nation portrayed in the original 2000 campaign, Bush now leaves a busted and depressed country, in which the most positive character is actually the one fighting in Iraq (although it could be said that’s just because 60 Frames wouldn’t dare to serve voters more graphic imagery than a soldier calling home from a payphone – and, by the way, they were smart not to overpress the point).

After all the gloom and doom, however, there’s a soothing note, as an Obama ad plays on the TV set, prompting the hopeful line that “change” is coming. Yes, the country may be broken, but there’s no reason to start hanging ourselves from the ceiling.

Well, not yet at least – we can always leave that rope in reserve, just in case we wake up on November 5th to the doomsday scenario of Palin walking around in the Oval Office without a straitjacket.

Fortunately, though, that’s looking increasingly unlikely. And in case you pick up the phone to one of those McCain’s robocalls, you can just shout back “Wassup!!” I bet that will make you feel a whole lot better.

The Original Ad

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