Google AdSense: It’s In the Game

Casual gamers in the middle of a hot and heavy game of Word Challenge will have to wait for a word from the sponsor before they can continue. A 15-second spot from Esurance rolls while the gamer waits and then play resumes.

This is just one of the scenarios Google is presenting to marketers as part of its expanded AdSense for Games beta test.

U.S. in-game advertising is currently at the $360 million mark, per Forrester. It was projected to hit $865 million by 2012.

Casual computer games are more natural place for advertisers than say Microsoft’s Xbox 360 or Nintendo’s Wii. They reach a wider audience and given that they are free, “most surveys say players are willing to accept some level of advertising,” said Verna.

Casual games typically last about six minutes and “aren’t as deeply immersive as traditional console games where you wouldn’t want to interrupt them,” said Verna. Plus “the audience is very addicted.”

via Google AdSense: It’s In the Game


1 Response to “Google AdSense: It’s In the Game”

  1. 1 Best Free Adsense tips October 14, 2008 at 1:06 am

    It starts to become incredible:
    – you can free calls listening to an advert
    – you watch movie trailer after watching an advert
    – you can even order a soda for free in Japan if you watch an ad on the soda machine

    & now it’s the vidoe games’ turn.

    Even if I like monetizing my blogs & websites, sometimes too much is too much.

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